About Troubadour Research and Consulting


About Troubadour Research and Consulting

Troubadour Research and Consulting was founded by Dale Gilliam in February of 2011. Having many years of experience working in the market research industry, and a background in seeking truth (i.e. philosophy), Dale set out on his own to deliver the superior product that he was praised for. The result was to create a company focused on telling the story behind the data, not just presenting the numbers. Troubadour has since grown to encompass this philosophy with a broader perspective, now offering insights and analytics from research as well as big data resources. The company is headquartered in the historic West End of downtown Dallas, Texas.
Troubadour Research and Consulting is built upon the premise that marketing insights should be focused on telling the story. Troubadours have a long heritage of being trusted advisers, bringing the story of the people to decision makers. We are the next generation in that long tradition. As Troubadours, we focus on story-driven presentation of the data.


Empowering clients with big picture understanding of the market.


The mission of Troubadour Research and Consulting is to:

  • Offer clients service bundles focused on an outcome rather than a process
  • Enable clients to make well-informed decisions
  • Assist clients in development of innovative business and market strategies
  • Go beyond explanation and understanding, using research and data to inspire new ideas for products, marketing, or strategy
  • Continuously innovate on the analytics consulting model to drive the industry in new directions
  • Create a meaningful and inspirational environment for employees at all levels
  • Engineer business structure and process to accelerate learning in the organization
  • Contribute to the knowledge economy for market analytics and strategy