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WearablesResearch.com: Consumers and the Wearables Market

As wearable technology continues to move into the mainstream understanding the wearables consumer market is key through wearables research. To address this need, Troubadour Research & Consulting conducted an online survey in September 2015 among 1,432 US consumers to understand the landscape of the wearables market and created WearablesResearch.com.
While most syndicated research on the topic provides early snapshots and forecasts, the purpose of Troubadour’s research is to (1) profile the consumer market of likely adopters of wearables, (2) provide foundational, landscape knowledge of the market, and (3) track key metrics of the market by conducting quarterly updates.
Wearables Research, consumer research, TroubadourExtending the reach of computing, communications, and data collection into ever more intimate areas of our personal space, wearable technology presents new opportunities across industries, such as health and fitness, entertainment, advertising, insurance, and more. This latest generation of smart devices is poised to move beyond early adopters, but there remains uncertainty about adoption in the mass market.
The study at large was designed to provide a comprehensive view from the consumer side, specifically delivering insights on:

  • Awareness of brands, form factors, and use cases
  • The stage of current adoption
  • Specific consumer segments defined by attitudes and proclivities
  • Consumer buying behavior (the role of trial purchasing, information search, etc.)
  • Interest in benefits specific to wearable technologies
  • Barriers to adoption

Visit WearablesResearch.com where you can persue our series of wearables consumer insight reports and learn about our segmentation of the wearables consumer market, including a Meet our Segments profile report as well as an interactive Wearables Consumer Segment Explorer tool that allows you to explore segments specifically of interest to you.
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