Scary Moments in Big Data History:
An Infographic

Scary Moments in Big Data History:
An Infographic

We are living in the future. For real. Big Data, while a trending topic in our daily lives, is becoming the norm. If you’ve looked at your Facebook sidebar ads lately, you’ve noticed that they are targeted specifically towards your personal interests and searches. Keeping close track of consumers and citizens is happening, whether you like it… or not.
We are asked to share our email, name, sometimes even address multiple times a day. The reasons vary, of course, from signing up for deals at a high end department store, to downloading a free font, to requesting a quote from a service provider. As times change, the value of incorporeal identifiable information far surpasses that of our material possessions, and keeping that information safe is a tricky territory to navigate as of yet.
Some of these futuristic ventures have been popular successes, like that of Cytolon AG CordMatch project; they created an internet-based donor matching system, in turn matching cancer patients to cord-blood donors in order to receive stem cell treatments, and connecting blood banks to transplant centers and registries. That’s the Big D going to very good use.
But what about the Big Data Fails? And Breaches? And downright creepy modern innovations, like facial recognition software? Is this the future, or is this the Twilight Zone?
We at Troubadour recently partnered with HUGEdata, a DFW based Data Science company, to start offering Big Data analysis, so in the Halloween spirit we have created a map of some of the biggest, and scariest moments in Big Data history, which depending on how you look at it, got started long ago…
So be prepared for shrieks, scares, gasps, and frights as we unleash…our infographic:

Big Data Infographic

Now that you’re afraid…very afraid, we want you to remember that if managed and processed with expertise, care, and caution, Big Data analytics really aren’t scary at all. It’s all around us, all the time, and now is when we should step in and start doing something extroadinary with it! Boo! Happy Halloween!

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