Research Paths

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Despite the wealth of customer data that exists in our digital age, there are times when intelligence must be gathered externally and primary market research is needed. Troubadour offers a variety of research options to support our clients’ needs. Our approach to intelligence gathering is very results-focused, beginning with the end in mind.

Product Development & Marketing

Launching A New Product

At the core of your business is your product or service offering. Troubadour Research can tell you the story of your product, from the concept phase all the way through to its pricing, marketing, launch, and reception. We find the story through Product Development Research, Market Sizing, Positioning, and Competitive Benchmarking. We provide the knowledge to help you develop a winning value proposition and, ultimately, a successful product.

Customer Personas

Go Beyond Demographics

Why should Brand Messaging and Marketing be based exclusively on demographics when you can speak directly to consumers’ motivations? We at Troubadour go beyond demographics to create Customer Personas based on Behaviors and Psychographics related to the product category. By asking consumers the right questions and conducting the right analyses, Troubadour is able to develop Customer Personas that truly reflect people’s needs, motivations, and behaviors in the market. And at the end of the day, understanding your customer empowers your brand for success.

Brand Identity

Who’s The Brand?

Developing a brand is a process, and it all starts with determining what you want your brand to stand for. Troubadour uses Competitive Benchmarking to find out where your brand stands in the category. We identify Brand Associations, assess your Brand’s Personality, and estimate the Equity of your Brand, all with an eye toward making sure your Brand is aligned with your Vision.

Marketing Effectiveness

What’s The ROI?

Did your ad hit the mark? Troubadour doesn’t let your ads fly unattended; we use an array of services to determine how effective your ads and marketing efforts really are. In addition to measuring Ad Recall and Message Linking, we track Brand Awareness, Preference, and Purchase to help ensure that you’re getting the most out of your marketing spend.

Customer Loyalty

Who’s Your Best Customer?

At Troubadour, we understand that the customer experience doesn’t end at purchase. For your brand to have long term success, you need to foster Customer Satisfaction and, ultimately, Brand Loyalty. We measure customer satisfaction with a mix of traditional and unique measures that allow us to assess Overall Satisfaction as well as Affective vs. Cognitive Satisfaction, and Expectations vs. Perceptions. We also track metrics such as Net Promoter Score and Customer Lifetime Value to help you determine how your customers’ experience affects your bottom line.

A La Carte

Build Your Research Plan

We offer a full suite of a la carte research services, ranging from simple questionnaire design to conjoint analysis and segmentation.
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