Meet The Team

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As Troubadour’s Principal Researcher, Stephanie has a strong background in both quantitative and qualitative research, but her first loves are experimental design and quantitative analysis.

Stephanie got her start in academic research, with ten years of laboratory work and advanced degrees in experimental psychology. She has been conducting consumer research for the past 8 years, and her extensive experience working on the client side helps her balance academic rigor with the bottom line: that companies are looking for compelling, actionable market insights that will help them make strategic business decisions and, ultimately, be successful.

In her spare time, Stephanie is an avid distance runner, and loves training for regional half-marathons and marathons. But she wishes that people cheered for her every time she ran, instead of just on race day.

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Coming in with a math and logic background, Brianna leads all aspects of data processing and advanced analyses to transform raw numbers into informative visualizations.

Beyond the data Brianna handles internal and external project management, from vendor management to process development and implementation, to ensure a quality product and efficient delivery for our clients.

Outside the office, Brianna enjoys watching and attending hockey games, spending time with her husband and dogs, solving LSAT analytical reasoning practice problems, and cringing at charts on /r/dataisugly.

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Michael currently handles business operations for Troubadour Research & Consulting, and brings experience from leading consulting and sales organizations, where he lead award-winning teams delivering to clients in the communications, media and high-tech industries. In addition to work in the US, his assignments have taken him to Europe, South America, and the Middle East. He began his career in market research and technology forecasting.

Michael is married with two children and enjoys music, ice hockey, and his many pets.

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