Wearables Report: A Preliminary Look

Wearables Report: A Preliminary Look

Wearables Form Factors & Use Cases: The Consumer’s View

Earlier this year, we at Troubadour fielded a small omnibus study (a research survey with questions from a variety of topics and clients), and we included some questions about receptivity to wearable technology.
There were a few surprising and insightful findings from that research that we’ve shared in our recent report, “Wearable Technologies 2015: Preliminary Analysis of Form Factors and Use Cases”.
For example, it may not be too early to begin talking about technology implants. There are more that are open to having a surgical implant than there are willing to wear a “smart-hat.” This receptivity to implants, of course, is driven by the younger generation, and represents approximately one-third of Millennials.

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The complete report details the form factors desired by generation and age, offering an outlook for the direction of wearable sales and some insight into how to attract more females to the category. Additionally, we studied the general benefits that people believe wearables can offer and those that are most exciting. Benefits studied include:

  • Productivity
  • Safety
  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • …and others

Download the report here to learn about which features are expected and which are potential delighters.
Dale Gilliam Troubadour Research and Consulting
Dale Gilliam is the CEO of Troubadour Research & Consulting, a marketing research and analytics firm committed to delivering true understanding of the story behind the data. Dale can be found on Twitter @data_modeler and LinkedIn.

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